Very Revealing eh?

Guard Rail Sunglasses
One of my favorite type of sunglasses. Wide, comfy, has UV protection and very durable.
Mine has a few scratches though, but it doesn't effect the sight when you look at it! ♥

Smith Optics Shades
Love the slim curves of it, it causes it to be less bulky, so You'll just have to hang it on your pocket or shirt rather than carrying its case all the time.
(Every time i put it on I feel like James Bond. haha)

Stripped Shades
We bought in Singapore back in 2011. Still living its dream!
Love the accent of its colors, Doesn't have a Uv protection though. :c
But still awesome as hell!

Chanel™ Shades
Man, this is my most favorite ever! It has my favorite color which is purple.
Has nice curves, and has very great accent color during sunny days. ♥

Credits for Bea L for the shades.

Rayban-ish Sunglasses (lol)
Even though its thrifted it still has the looks! ♥

Hudson Shades
As for my last shade, is the Hudson. Very unique design, Lil'bit bulky.
has UV protection, and has pretty amazing thick crafted glasses which you can see your reflection even at a normal weather! and nope, its not a double sided mirror.

There will be more soon!